I Need You Now - Matt Redman


My King, my Love;
I am more aware this clay
Than all Your power within.
I wait for You,
My Hope, my Love,
Because I've dreamed I'd see
Your kingdom come and I still believe.

So come and breathe on me now,
I am poured out for You.
Come and release Your power.
I'm crying out to You,
I'm crying out to You.

What works have I?
What fruit to show?
I can hardly stand before Your grace,
Yet I, I know
Your love, Your grace
Has lifted me,
But I need You now so I can build
With gold, pure gold.

Your promise alone
Should be enough for me.
Still I'm crying out,
'I need Your touch.'

Paul Oakley

Written by: Paul Oakley

Copyright© 1998 Thankyou Music